Dance Company Minutes


December 2016


1) General business
-Costume payments for Competition pieces were due Dec 3rd with the other TDA costume payments. Please remit if you have not done so yet.
- Competition choreography/rehearsal fees
     *can do $15 good faith deposit by Dec 10th.
     * balance due by January 15th
     *reminder that none of these costs include competition fees for Hollywood, Starbound, or any other competitions the teachers may decide they want to do. As competitions grow near, teachers will decide which ones are polished enough to compete. Also remember food, travel and lodging costs associated with competing are sole responsibility of family, not Company.
     *if for some reason all of this is too much for your dancer or family in terms of finances, time, or other commitments, and you need to withdraw your dancer from a competition piece, NOW is the time to tell Becky so teachers have time to adjust. 

2) Fundraising
- reminder that Grand Jete and Yearbook fundraising goes to Company activities as a whole, ie covering Company production number/mini/Jr/Sr group piece costumes, Company time and group piece choreography/rehearsal time, and covering at least part of Convention fees.
- As we discussed from the beginning of this year, parents and dancer are solely responsible for Competition costs- this is why Becky posted the basic cost of competing each piece
- if you would like to participate in additional fundraising activities please talk to Jen Murray. She is organizing extra fundraising activities for those who would like to participate. Funds are split between those who participate, not split through all of Company

3)December activities
- I already forwarded Dec rehearsal schedule via email
-Dec 5th - Srs performing Christmas dance at BRHS auditorium. Program starts at 7:00pm. Becky to tell Srs when they need to show up for preprogram run through
Dec 11th - Srs performing Christmas dance for WM Chorale at BRHS auditorium. Program starts at 4:00pm. Becky will tell Srs when to show up prior to performance
-Dec 15th- Srs, minis, and other select dancers to perform at Hondah for WMAT Behavioral Health Xmas party. Arrive 4:30pm. Anticipate performing 5:30-6:00ish. Dinner provided for dancers. Becky can give kids rides if needed.

4) January
- Company week- hoping to plan rehearsals for Competition pieces Jan 3rd - 6th and to potentially make selections as to what to take to Competition in Feb.  This is dependent on everyone letting front desk know whether they will be around those dates or not. If you have not already let front desk know your plans, please stop by ASAP so that Becky knows whether she can plan rehearsals or not.

5)Hollywood Dance Experience
Feb 25th/26th at Airport Marriot in PHX - check out web site for details
- we are NOT looking into block rooms. Everyone needs to find their own accommodations
- everyone is expected to attend- this was discussed at very first Company meeting. If for some reason you have a conflict please let Becky know now
-Thanks to Glenda and Jen for stepping forward to organize feeding our crew for lunches at the convention and thanks to all of you who signed up to help- I'll pass your names on to Glenda and Jen so they know who they are tagging for help.

6)Sr parents , possibly some Jrs- Becky is interested in taking competition pieces to Cathy Roe Dance competition in Albuquerque April 1st and 2nd. She needs to know who is available that weekend to go so she knows what she could possibly take. I'll leave sign up list at front desk.

7) Remember over the holidays to ask friends and family about Yearbook ads. We will start that up after break.



October 2016

                                           NOTES from Dance Company Meeting –

                                             Monday October 17th, 2016 5:15PM

See emails from Becky forwarded by Susan this past week for info on Howard Pheelgood weekend, competition pieces/tryouts, attendance, Saturday make-ups, and Halloween.

1) Business

   a. Dues reminder for Nov (no Dec tuition or Dec Company dues)

   b. TDA Recital Costume price sheet at front desk. Payment due Dec 3rd

   c. Dance Company recital piece costume $

   d. Attendance

        i. Make up class Sat Oct 22nd

           1. $5 fee, need to sign up

        ii. You are ultimately responsible for keeping track of absences and make- up sessions, though Becky is tracking

   e. Some Competition piece tryouts to be held Fri Oct 21st

   f. Howard Pheelgood returning Fri/Sat/possibly Sun Oct 28th through 30th to rehearse recital pieces and audition for competition pieces Cost will be $25 for Jrs and $45 for Srs

   g. For “No Company Fridays”, the Friday 4-5:00 pm Sr Lyrical class will join the Junior lyrical class on Thursdays at 5:00pm

   h. Please tell front desk your availability for January 3rd through 6th for a possible Winter Company Week

2) Communication

   a. Preferred method of mass communication

        i. ? email/text, ?, ? Facebook  

        ii. Desired time frame for notifications of events not on current calendar

3) Fundraising ideas – Show Low Spooktacular bake sale planned; see email from Jenny Murray if you want to participate

4) Calendar

   a. October

        i. Oct 21st Some Competition piece tryouts

        ii. Oct 22nd Make up class

        iii. Oct 28th /29th and possibly 30th – Howard Pheelgood iv. Oct 25th -31st - dress up week         v. Oct 31st – Halloween- class times to be adjusted so all out by 6:00pm

   b. November

        i. Nov 11th – No Company (Sr Lyrical shifts to Thursday) This is confirmed!

        ii. Nov 12th - McBain/Snow guest artists CANCELLED

        iii. Nov 11th -13th “The Art of Movement”Convention/competition for those attending (not required- should have already registered if you were planning on doing)

        iv. Nov 21st – classes in session to make up for Labor Day

        v. Nov 22nd though 27th – Studio closed for Thanksgiving

        vi. Nov 28th – Parent Meeting 5:15 at Solterra- start planning for Hollywood Dance convention/competition in Feb and Winter Company week in Jan

   c. December

       i. Dec 3rd – TDA recital costume payment due

       ii. Dec 10th last day of classes before Winter break

       iii. Dec 11th through Jan 6th studio closed for TDA classes


September 2016

Dance Company Meeting Minutes

Monday September 12th, 2016 5:30pm


  • Business

    • Dues reminder
    • Turn in signed Dancer and Family Agreement form if you have not
    • Attendance – many dancers have already missed 2 or more classes
      • Allowed up to 2 EXCUSED absences a semester for Company and  or 2 EXCUSED absences a semester for TDA regular core classes. Jazz/Ballet.  Becky said 2 absences total.
      • Makeup classes are required if more than 2 TDA classes are missed. There are no make ups for Company, so make every effort to be there.
      • Missing classes and not attending makeup sessions will detrimentally affect your dancer’s selection for competition and selection for Company  the next year, and may result in being choreographed out of a piece

* Can attend another Jazz or Ballet class to m/u missed class

*Working on possible group Saturday make-up classes for $5 on 10/1 & 10/22

*Can schedule private m/u lessons for $40 per hour

*EXCUSED Absences  during Fall break week of 10/10 will not count against anyone.

  • Grand Jete- Sat Sept 17th 2-4PM @ TDA
    • $100 required fund raising goal for each dancer Bring in sponsor sheets and $$ by Friday 9/23.  Be sure to put in an envelope or baggie with dancer’s name clearly marked.
    • Potluck Thanks to everyone for bringing items in.
    • Prizes If you still have any be sure to give to Dawn ASAP!
  • Fall Festival Talent show – Thursday Sept 22nd, show starts at 6:30pm, BRHS auditorium
    • Arrive as close to 6:00pm as possible
    • “Man I Feel Like a Woman”
      • Minis should attend their Jazz class  at TDA, then go straight to BRHS may leavea few minutes early
    • “When You Believe”
      • Participating Juniors will be excused from Jazz class that day any in lyrical may leave a few minutes early
    • All other classes will be in session that day with dancers not participating in the talent show expected to attend class
    • Committee (Halama, Grzelak, Sturm, Penrod) please help with food for the participating kids and carpooling issues if anyone needs help Let one of the committee moms know if you need help with transportation.  Committee has food/drinks covered.
  • Fall Festival Parade – Saturday Sept 24th
    • Committee chairperson to discuss
    • *Be sure to fill out waiver ahead of time at front desk

*In need of old jeans and other “western” items…boots, saddle, lassos, etc. for float.  Drop off in dance office by Wed 9/21

*Costume for parade – Black tanks handed out last week, black bike shorts/ capris leggings (NO BOOTIE SHORTS), Footloose Hat, black tutus (bring if you have one; otherwise some will be provided)

*Bring water/candy for float

*Arrive at parade line-up by 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  It will be somewhere in neighborhood behind Kay Supply; entry number will be texted as soon as available. Older kids will be on corner to help direct you.

*Float judging is sometime between 8:30 and 9:30.  Parade starts at 10:00


  • Calendar

    • October
      • 14th No Company
      • 15th Ms Navajo pageant- probably not going to do this not doing
      • 17th Parent meeting (general business, planning for intensives, other fundraising ideas)
        • Discussion- any better time than Mondays at 5:30? Shooting for 5:15 start
      • Howard Pheelgood returning late October to AUDITION AND SELECT competitors for his jazz  hip-hop and contemporary pieces October 29th is planned date. Everyone must attend if you want to be in the recital piece.  Let Becky know if dancer not interested in being considered for competing their group’s Howard pieces.
    • November
      • 11th No Company
      • 12th Guest Artists- McBain and Snow not firm yet
      • 21st make up TDA classes for Labor Day
      • 22nd-25th Studio closed for Thanksgiving Break
      • 28th Parent meeting (start planning for Hollywood and Winter Company week)



August 2016


     6th Open House Registration 10A-3P

     8th – 11th Company week 4-6:30 P

     12th Company 3-5P, Parent meeting and Potluck 5-6P

     15th TDA classes start

     19th/20th Howard Pheelgood dance intensive


     2nd NO COMPANY

     5th Studio closed for Labor Day

     12th PARENT MEETING 5:30-6:30 pm

     17th Grande Jete Fundraiser 2-4 pm @ TDA

     22nd BR Fall Festival Talent Show (“Man, I Feel Like a Woman” and “When You Believe”)

     24th Fall Festival Parade


     Classes and Company will go on as normal during school Fall Breaks unless otherwise noted

     14th NO COMPANY

     15th Ms Navajo Pageant

     17th PARENT MEETING 5:30-6:30 pm

     Late October, Howard Pheelgood may return- date TBA


     11th NO COMPANY

     12th Guest Artists intensive – Michael McBain and Melissa Snow (usually tap and musical theater)

     21st make up TDA classes for Labor Day

     22nd – 25th Studio closed for Thanksgiving Break

     28th PARENT MEETING 5:30-6:30 pm


     10th Last Day of classes

     13th – 31st Studio closed for Christmas Break


     3rd – 6th Possible second semester Company Week- exact dates and times TBD

     9th TDA regular classes start

     9th PARENT MEETING 5:30-6:30 pm


     13th PARENT MEETING 5:30-6:30pm

     25th/26th Hollywood Dance Convention in Phoenix


     13th – 17th Studio closed for Spring Break

     31st – anticipated date Yearbook color pages will be due


     3rd PARENT MEETING 5:30-6:30 pm

     14th Company for competition pieces only (non- competitors have no Company)



     8th PARENT MEETING 5:30-6:30pm

     12th/ 13th  Starbound competition in Gilbert (these are the dates currently on website but F/Sat??)

     13th anticipated date Yearbook dedications will be due

     27th NO COMPANY

     30th Studio closed for Memorial Day


     May have parent meeting in early June if needed to prepare for Recital TBD

     7th Company Specialty Piece Recital Dress Rehearsal

     8th TDA wide Recital Dress Rehearsal

     9th/10th Recital


     4th Fourth of July Parade