The Dance Academy Dress Code

Proper attire MUST be worn at all times.  Dancewear that is too revealing or inappropriate will not be allowed.  Boxer shorts, pajama pants, and jeans are NOT appropriate attire.  Dancers are to have their hair up, off their neck and secured out of their face.  Ballet students MUST have their hair in a bun.

All Preschool & Primary Classes   are allowed to wear black, pink or another pastel color leotard, see below for appropriate tights, pants, skirts & shoes.

Ballet Classes – (Primary through Advanced) – Girls: Black Tank Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers*, Ballet Skirts are optional but please NO TUTUS!

Boys: Black Jazz Pants, Plain White or Black T-Shirt, Black Ballet Slippers*

*All ballet slippers MUST be “REAL” ballet slippers and NOT the shiny nylon “bedroom” slippers.

Jazz ClassesGirls: Black Tank Leotard &/or dance shirt, Black Jazz Pants/Capri Pants/Jazz Shorts, Black Jazz Shoes; Boys: Black Jazz Pants, Plain white or Black T-Shirt, Black Jazz Shoes

Tap ClassesGirls: Black Tank Leotard &/or dance shirt,  Pink Tights, Black Shorts/Capri Pants/Jazz Pants, Black Tap Shoes; Boys: Black Jazz Pants, Plain White or Black T-Shirt, Black Tap Shoes  ~ Intermediate/Advanced students need BLACK “Professional Jazz Tap” shoes.  All other students must have tap shoes with a strap and buckle or tap shoes that lace up.  Tap shoes with nylon ties are NOT allowed.

Hip HopGirls and Boys: Hip Hop/loose fitting shirt/ dance shirt, Hip Hop Pants/Jazz Pants/Cargo Pants, Hip Hop Shoes

Lyrical and Modern - Any color leotard or fitted shirt/tank. Dance pants, leggings or shorts. Students will need "foot undeeze" for Lyrical. Modern - barefoot.

Tumbling—Girls and Boys: Leotard or fitted top and shorts, tumbling shoes.