Fall Newsletter 2017


Hi All!

We are off to a great start for this dance year! We hope all of our students are enjoying their classes.



Our 2018 Recital will be Disney!!!

The recital is scheduled for June 15th & 16th 2018. The MANDATORY dress rehearsal will beThursday, June 14th. The costume price sheet will be available October 17th. Costume payments are due no later than December 8th.  If you do not pay for costume(s) or make a payment plan arrangement with the front desk  before this date your costume(s) will not be ordered.  Ms. Becky will be measuring all of the students for their costumes the end of October.  It is not required for anyone to participate in the recital. We do however encourage all students to perform. It is a great opportunity & A LOT of fun. If you choose to not participate in the recital please let the front desk & your teacher(s) know before October31st.



As we head into winter, there are bound to have a snow day or two. We do not cancel dance just because some schools cancel school. Some days the roads are bad in the morning but they are fine or even clear by the afternoon. If it has snowed or is snowing, call the studio 928-537-1406 or check our website or Facebook page. We will make a decision by noon if we will be holding classes that day.

Fall/Winter Schedule

October 15th- tuition is due

October 30th & 31st- dress up week!

November 15th- tuition is due

November 21st -26th STUDIO CLOSED

December 8th - Final Day for Costume $$$

December 9th last day of classes

December10th-January7thSTUDIO CLOSED

*No tuition for December*

January 8th- back to regular classes

January 15th – tuition is due

OCTOBER 30th & 31th – We encourage all students to dress up for class! Please make sure it is a costume that you can still dance in and absolutely no gory or scary costumes.

TEXT REMINDERS – Please see the front desk if you are interested in receiving text reminders from us.


Please make sure that all students are following the dress code. Students should wear the proper attire -including shoes to every class.




We want you to stay informed of the happenings here at the academy. Please visit our website for our complete list of rules & polices or stop by the front desk & ask for a copy. We post new updates on our website & on our Facebook page.

If you have any questions please ask! We are at the front desk mon-thurs 3:30-7pm @ 928-537-1406. You can email Ms. Becky @ msbeckydanceacademy@yahoo.com or text 928-242-6091.


                                 COSTUME PRICE SHEET FOR 2018 RECITAL BY CLASS

Costume prices for The Dance Academy's 2018 Disney Recital

Preschool Ballet $55 (includes tights)

Preschool Jazz/Hip Hop $57

Preschool Tumbling $53

Primary Ballet(mon) $59 (includes tights)

Primary Ballet(wed) $60 (includes tights)

Pri 2 Ballet (wed) $61 (includes tights)

Primary Jazz/Hip Hop (tues) $60

Primary Jazz/Hip Hop(thurs)$60 boys$48

Primary Tap $59

Primary 2 Tap $59 boys $37

Primary Tumbling $53 boys $42

Ballet 1 & 2 (mon) $64 (includes tights)

Ballet 1 & 2 (wed) $65 (includes tights)

Ballet 3 & 4 (mon) $66 (includes tights)

Ballet 3 &4 (tues) $67 (includes tights)

Ballet 5 (mon) $72

Ballet 5 (tues) $68

Ballet 6  $63

Pointe 2 $52

Pointe 3 $67

Jazz 1 & 2 $55

Jazz 3 & 4 $67 boys $65

Jazz 5 $58

Jazz 6 $63

Hip Hop 1 & 2 $61

Hip Hop 3 & 4 $60

Hip Hop 5 & 6 $38

Boys Hip Hop $61

Lyrical 1 & 2 $59

Lyrical 3 & 4 $60

Lyrical 5 $62

Lyrical 6 $60

Modern 1 & 2 $38 students need their own black pants- see Danielle

Modern 3 & 4- TBD see Danielle

Modern 5 & 6- TBD see Danielle

Tap 1 & 2 (mon & wed) $57

Tap 3 & 4 $62

Tap 5 $63 boys TBD

Tap 6 $67

Tumbling 1 & 2 $53 boys $42

Tumbling 3 & 4 $53 boys $42

Tumbling $62 boys TBD

Adult Classes- TBD- see teacher


All costume payments are due no later than December 8th. Any costume that has not been paid for will not be ordered.

Payment plans are available, please see the front desk if you wish to arrange a payment plan.

Ms. Becky will be measuring all students the end of October. Don’t worry, we allow room for growth!

Most of the costumes will arrive between March & April. Once all the costumes for each class have come in we will try them on & hand costumes out in class. There are some that don’t get delivered until Mid- May, so don’t panic if you don’t get your costume until then.